St. John the Baptist Catholic Church
701 East Court,  Beloit, Kansas  67420

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Please call one of the following Legion of Mary Member if you are unable to fullfill you assigned time.
Damaris Niewald, Kathy Reiter, Jolene Gengler, Delores Charbonneau, Kathryn Eilert, Rose Eilert, or Joe Walter.

9-10am - Prayer Group, Lucille Sahlfeld

10-11am - Kathryn Eilert, Rose Eilert, Louise Walter, Richard Reiter, Monica Heidrick

11am-12pm - Margaret Koenigsman, Rosemary Deneke

12-1pm - Loetta Coffelt, Sam or Alvera Long, Jane Rutten

1-2pm - Marjorie Koster, Irma Koster

2-3pm - Carol Weber, Mary Long

3-4pm - Marilyn Vossman, Mary Ann Roberts, George Eilert

4-5pm - Rosella Eilert, Joe Walter

5-6pm - Chris Blass, Barbara Simmons

5:30-6:30pm - Marsha Smith

6-7pm - Tom Weber, Steve Weber, Marti&John Wendell

7-8pm - Carolyn or Chad Woerner, Kathy Reiter

8-9pm - Kathy Reiter, Chris Reiter, Anita Reiter, Susan Dillner

Fill in for day time hours: Bernard Jamison

9-10pm - Terry Collins, Brad and Vickie Eilert, Rita Soler

10-11pm - Janet/Marty Hesting, Jeff and Jeri Bates, Doug and Michele Gerber

11-12am - Donnie Boden, Brian Eilert, Chris Reiter

12-1am - Joe Walter, Trudy Collins, Diane Schmitz

1-2am - Allen Kee, Dave Dubbert

2-3am - Craig Gengler, Phil Kirchoff, Brian Dillner

3-4am - Leo Rutten, Mary Arnberger

4-5am - Bill Walter, Loran Chism

5-6am - Curt Frasier, Jeff Bechard, Rachel Elsen

6-7am - Jerry Eilert, Michelle Hennes, Tom Moritz

(Mass follows at 7:00 am.)

Fill in for night time hours: Chuck Heidrick, Curt and Karen Pahls, Janine Brown, Bob and Mary Richard, Rita Soler, Scott Heidrick, Rose Gray, Teresa Reiter, Damaris Neiwald

If you would like to be put on a specific time slot to help ensure that someone is always present before the Blessed Sacrament, please call a Legion of Mary Member, or Joe Walter.