Standard Package

(Wireless Internet Interest Form)


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All Wireless Accounts include the following

• Member one-time equipment purchase.

• Always on, full time Internet access to your Ethernet connection, (LAN or Computer).

• One active CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) device. Customer is responsible for a fully functional router/firewall. If using your private Firewall or VPN, NCKCN can provide Static IP addresses for your LAN (routable IP addresses - See Additional Services below).

• 100MB of Internet Space, 5 POP3 Email accounts, Free Members Website.

• 1 Wireless Access Installation: $100.00 (See the section below on Installation and Service Information).

• 1 month free service with pre-paid yearly Special Wireless subscription.

• (Recommended) Any broadband connection should have some kind of Internet Security in place, preferably a Cable/DSL router. Your LAN should have internal Security, Firewall, or Proxy. You can have an unlimited number of devices on your LAN connected to the wireless by using your Cable/DSL router with your internal non-routable IP addresses.

• (Highly Recommended) Certified UPS - NCKCN Wireless Equipment Warranty is only valid when connected to a UPS from NCKCN or an NCKCN approved UPS with automatic voltage regulation.

• $35.00 account setup fee for new NCKCN members. There is no account setup fee for existing NCKCN members.

(Call for latest pricing, pricing subject to change without notice.)

Additional / Optional Equipment
(May be required for connection)

• UPS for Equipment Warranty - $60

• Non-Penetrating Ballast Roof Mount - $250

• Additional Cat 5 Ethernet wiring to PC - $50/computer

Additional Services Available

• Additional 10MB of storage - $5.00/mo (Commercial/Government Accounts only)

• Additional 5 POP3 Email accounts - $5.00/mo (Commercial Accounts only)

• Static IP Address - $5.00/mo (World routable)

Installation Information

Installation: The pricing in this document refers to a "Standard Installation". In terms of equipment, the standard installation includes any or all of the following:

• Wireless Bridge device to connect the end users CPE, (Customer Premise Equipment), to the NCKCN Wireless network which can include any or all of the following:

○ Installation of an appropriate antenna if required.

○ A small (3') side or roof top mount, on the same structure as the CPE, to mount the appropriate antenna.

○ An Ethernet or Power over Ethernet cable of up to 100' to your internal CPE (Customer Premise Equipment). (Customer Premise Equipment is detailed as: A single PC with a working Ethernet card and configured for DHCP-TCP/IP access. And/or a Firewall/Router LAN Switch/Hub with one Ethernet device connected.)

NOTE: Wireless Equipment Warranty will only be honored when equipment is directly connected and powered by either an NCKCN approved UPS or a UPS from NCKCN.

In terms of labor, we will provide the equipment and installation of the above standard installation only. If there are any additions to the above installation, the customer will be notified.

NCKCN will not be held responsible for any issue or event related to the physical connection and installation beyond the "standard installation" detailed above. NCKCN will provide all the necessary hardware for the connection to the end users CPE, but not anything past that single connection. We will not support any other installation, end user software, or configuration. If there are problems with any PC, or LAN device beyond the scope of the TCP/IP connection (i.e. OS, other software or hardware problems, or conflicts), the technician will notify the subscriber that there is a problem, and will not perform the installation, or perform the installation to the best of their ability if requirested to do so by the member. In the case of a problem beyond the scope of installation described above, the subscriber must get their PC, or LAN repaired and reschedule or perform the remainder of their installation themselves at their own cost. NOTE: There is a $35.00 account setup fee for new NCKCN members. There is no account setup fee for existing NCKCN members.

Service: "Standard Service" is based on "unobstructed line-of-site" to the receiving equipment within the acceptable microwave reception range. This range is typically a 5-10 mile radius of the receiving equipment. Your site might require equipment that enhances or extends this normal operating range. Each install is subject to numerous conditions, and service cannot be guaranteed until a sight survey is done. There will be times when your site will exceed the range or conditions and reception will be excellent, and there will be times when your site is well within the standard and will have problems. Each site will be dealt with on an individual basis.

Speed: "Speed" is based on the average download and upload speed of the typical user. Due to the nature of any data network, absolute speed cannot be guaranteed to all locations and all conditions. There will be times when your site will exceed the stated speed, and there will be times when your site possibly will not download at full speed. Typically we judge speed as conservative as possible so you are delivered at least the speed stated. The wireless service is based on a reliable speed of 10Mbps download and 2Mbps upload for the Standard Package - Radwin 5000 HSU (High-Capacity Subscriber Unit) technology.

Prices: "Prices" of service are subject to change, however, the price agreed upon installation and activation will remain constant throughout the agreed term. Any special promotional pricing or special pricing of any kind may require a 2-year service commitment unless otherwise stated by NCKCN.

NOTE: There is a $35.00 account setup fee for new NCKCN members unless waived by NCKCN. There is no account setup fee for existing NCKCN members.

The NCKCN member will be liable for any tampering they have done to any of the wireless devices. The licenses, operating frequencies, and wireless access are the responsibility and property of NCKCN and can not be accessed in any way except by express permission from NCKCN. To try to gain access or disrupt the wireless service in any manner is a violation of federal law. The FCC regulates the frequency band and allocation of frequency and all persons must comply with those regulations to the fullest extent.