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Published: Jan 16th, 2012

Re-Posted: May 15th, 2017

How to Configure your Email for Virtual Email Servers

There are some slight differences when you utilize our Virtual Domain Services for email. This is because our Virtual Domain email servers at NCKCN are UNIX/LINUX servers that have other Virtual Domains on them. How we make sure there are no duplicate usernames, but still allow you to have the exact email address you wish, is to have a unique Account Name identifier. Virtual Domains can use the following rules as a guide.

Your Email address can be "". You choose however you want it to read. But your account name will most likely take the form of "(Your email username such as "johnsmith") + domain (domain abbreviation)". This would become "johnsmithdomain" as your unique Account Name identifier. Again, this is only how you log into the email server to receive your email. Only you will know how you login to the email server. Your email address can be as long as you want and the whole world will email you at "".

All email software can be configured to do this very easily, but each one has it's own way of doing it. These instructions work on any Virtual Domain email servers, simply substitute your domain name for the domain. Below are instructions for the most popular email software available. NCKCN officially only supports Microsoft Outlook Express.

Microsoft Outlook Express Guide

The first step is to change the account properties. Click on the Tools menu and select the Accounts... option as shown in Figure 1.

Virtual Email Servers - 1

Figure 1

Next, select the Email Account you wish to change by clicking on it to highlight it and then clicking on the Properties button to the right as shown in Figure 2.

Virtual Email Servers - 2

Figure 2

Next on the General tab, double check that the E-mail address: box contains your full email address username as shown in Figure 3. For example, if your email address is then make sure that is exactly what is in this box. Notice that this will probably already be correct and you will not need to change this setting.

Virtual Email Servers - 3

Figure 3

Next, select the Servers tab at the top. You will want to input your new Account Name. For example, if your email address is and the Account Name is joesmithemailuserdomain - make sure that is exactly what is in this box. You will need to type in your password also. Make sure you type it correctly. There will only be asterisks showing. You can also check the "Remember password" box so you don't have to type it in again.

Virtual Email Servers - 4

Figure 4

That's it. You should be able to log on to the new email servers and collect and send your email.

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