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Published: Jan 16th, 2012

Re-Posted: May 12th, 2017

How to Setup Email on BlackBerry Devices

This document explains how you can receive NCKCN email on your BlackBerry type device. This is a general overview of the email checking process on devices like a mobile BlackBerry or other device and its use. This document DOES NOT explain how to use your BlackBerry type device. Knowing how to use and setup your BlackBerry type device is entirely your responsibility and NCKCN cannot possibly support the thousands of devices that can access POP3 email.

The short and skinny of this is that accessing your NCKCN email with your BlackBerry device is very easy to do and setup. You just need to make sure that you are not leaving all messages on the NCKCN Email servers all the time or your NCKCN email box on the server will get stuffed full with messages and you will not be able to receive new messages. This is the most common problem users run into when using your BlackBerry device to get your NCKCN email. And, is an issue that NCKCN cannot correct or do anything about.

You must set your BlackBerry type device to use our POP3 server to access your NCKCN email. This is done by using the advanced settings when you create a new email address account. Different devices have their own setup, but generally you must input your email address (such as:, your username (such as: jdoe), your password (Your NCKCN password such as "mud123") and your Email server (needs to be "").

Your BlackBerry type device will tell you on setup that you need to set your computers existing email software to "save messages on the server". This is actually not necessary, and it's almost always a bad idea. BlackBerry states this because your BlackBerry device will check your NCKCN POP3 account every 15 minutes and report if there is a message for you. If your main email software (such as: Outlook Express) is set to download your email messages, (which is the correct and most common setting), then there will not be any messages for you to view with your BlackBerry device. The simple remedy is to simply shut down your computers main email software when you wish to receive email with your BlackBerry device, or select to delete the message on the server and the BlackBerry device. If you never download your email from the NCKCN servers, either by setting the "save on server" settings or only deleting the messages on your handheld (BlackBerry) device, your NCKCN email box on the server will become full and you will no longer receive any new email until room is made for new email messages on the NCKCN servers. The main idea here is to use your computers email software to empty out your server email box and use your BlackBerry device when you need/want to access your NCKCN email remotely.

There is also a "sync" option for advanced users of email on various BlackBerry type devices, and this should do that same thing. The principle is that it will delete old email messages from the NCKCN servers, once you have read the email on your BlackBerry device, automatically. It probably works just fine, but it's probably better to play it safe and make sure to manually delete your old messages from the NCKCN email servers.

Hope this helps with some questions and access for your BlackBerry type device.


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