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Published: Dec 7th, 2013

Re-Posted: May 19th, 2017

NCKCN Password Change Request Form

Please fill out the form and press the "Send Request" button. Changes will take effect no later than the following week day by 6:00 PM. You will then need to change your email password. If you need help with changing your passwords, you can look at our online guides by clicking HERE. If you would like to change your current Username, you can use our Username Change Request form. Note: Please be aware that passwords are case sensitive. If a capital letter is typed, a capital letter will be placed in your password. For example, if you wish to have a password of "NewPassword", the new password will have an upper-case "N" and "P". Please Note: Usernames and Passwords must never be the same or similar enough that they can be guessed at like a username of "jsmith" and a password of "smith". Your password cannot contain your Username in any fashion.

Please provide your current NCKCN account information:

Note: All fields required except those that specify as being (Optional).

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