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Published: Jan 16th, 2012

Re-Posted: May 16th, 2017

NCKCN Postini Virtual Domain filters - How To

We now have the capability to add Virtual Domains to our Postini Filters. However, we have to pass along the added cost to us from Postini for this service.

How the Postini Filters work allows us to cut the number of actual "accounts" we have to maintain locally. This user will simply log into Postini with the Account Name as the email address. The Email addres of emailaddress@domain.com is set up as an Alias under the Master Account Name. This allows filtering of both the email address seen from the rest of the world, the emailaddress@domain.com, and the actual Account Name for the same price! Also, any other aliases and forwards can be under the same Master Account. Again, the user will simply log into Postini with:

Username: accountname@domain.com

Password: yourPassword

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