NCKCN Macintosh CD-ROM Installation Guide


The supplied programs are Copyright of their respective owners, All Rights Reserved. It is provided as shareware with the following limitations:



This installation kit is by no means the latest and greatest software available for Internet use on the Macintosh. It is designed to be a basic installation; to get you up and running on the Internet. There are so many different kinds of Macs and different System users that it is impossible to supply a customized version to each. This software should provide you with the means to access the Internet if you have a smaller Mac computer, and don't have unlimited memory installed on your system. It should also get more powerful Mac users started. However, again; Most new Mac computers come with Internet software already installed. If you have System 7.5.5, you already have the software you need to connect to the NCKCN System

Open Transport 1.1.2

This is the program that makes it all happen. This is a control panel that will "talk" to the Internet world with the TCP/IP protocol.

Open Transport 1.1.2 PPP

This is the Internet access utility for connecting to the NCKCN System or any other Internet System.

Internet Connection Wizard

This Microsoft Wizard will step you through configuring things to use the Internet..

Stuffit Expander

Stuffit Expander is a compression decompression utility to encode/unencode compressed files from the Internet.

Eudora Light E-Mail

Eudora E-Mail is used to send and receive E-mail messages to and from other users as well as attach files.


An Internet File Transfer Protocol (FTP) program used to graphically interact with computers all over the world. This software is used to download (bring down) software/shareware from the NCKCN System or any other software archive to your Mac computer.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

An Internet WEB browser used to graphically interact with computers all over the world. The NCKCN CD-ROM installation has MSIE version 3.01.

Other Programs

Important Note: There are countless programs available to access and use the Internet. This software is by no means the be-all to everyone. You are more than welcome to use and download any other program to do whatever it is you want on the Internet, however, it is impossible for NCKCN to provide technical assistance to all the programs available. Most programs will setup almost exactly the same with the same information. If you need help, you have the entire world at your fingertips for help. Have fun discovering; that's the beauty of the Internet!


The following instructions will guide you through the basic installation and setup of each software package you will use to access the different features of the Internet. It is assumed you know how to perform basic procedures on your computer like creating folders, dragging, or copying files. If you do not know how to perform these task, you will need to obtain a Mac guide to learn about your computer before you proceed. Bear in mind you are connecting to the largest and most complex network in the world. You will need to walk before you can run.

Be sure that you have approximately 18 Mbytes available on your hard drive for the full installation of the software provided. Important Note: All prior MacTCP or Internet programs should be deleted or removed for maximum compatibility.

NCKCN Installation Disk Instructions

  1. To begin installation, start up your Mac and let it finish booting, then place the NCKCN CD-ROM disk in your CD-ROM drive.

nckcninstall.gif (6328 bytes)

System Update and Open Transport Instructions

The first thing to do on your Mac is to determine your system software version and if you have Open Transport installed. If you need to upgrade and install Open Transport and Open Transport PPP continue on this section. If you already have at least System 7.5.5 and Open Transport installed you can skip to the next section.

  1. Select the Apple Menu and the "About this Macintosh" to find out what version of System Software you have.

os.gif (3534 bytes)

MacOS8.gif (34132 bytes)

  1. If you have below System 7.5.3 you will have a two-step process and will want to install the "System 7.5 Update 2.0 to get your Mac to System 7.5.3 as shown in Figure 2. If you have System 7.5.3, you will only have a one-step process and choose the "System 7.5.5 Update Installer" to get your Mac to System 7.5.5. Just follow the simple instructions to update your Mac.You will have to restart your Mac after all updating is completed.

75ud.gif (2068 bytes)

Open Transport 1.1.2 Installation and Configuration Instructions

  1. Once your Mac restarts,  install Opent Transport 1.1.2 and Open Transport PPP. Simply follow the on-screen instructions.

ot.gif (2658 bytes)

Installing Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.01 Full Installer

nckcninstall.gif (6328 bytes)

eula.gif (7997 bytes)

easy.gif (8467 bytes)

restart.gif (3095 bytes)

Using Internet Connection Wizard to Connect to NCKCN

msia.gif (4680 bytes)

icw.gif (3529 bytes)

icwgc.gif (22323 bytes)

icwso.gif (29482 bytes)

icwsuic.gif (21487 bytes)

icwhtc.gif (19587 bytes)

icwmc.gif (18906 bytes)

icwyl.gif (28870 bytes)

icwdp.gif (21697 bytes)

icwspi.gif (19543 bytes)

icwsppn.gif (20251 bytes)

icwlnp.gif (18889 bytes)

icwipa.gif (19193 bytes)

icwdns.gif (22073 bytes)

icwsups.gif (19562 bytes)

icwsuyima.gif (21574 bytes)

icwiman.gif (20960 bytes)

icwimdn.gif (20101 bytes)

icwimea.gif (19972 bytes)

icwemsa.gif (20947 bytes)

icwiml.gif (19827 bytes)

icwsuyina.gif (21694 bytes)

icwinan.gif (21041 bytes)

icwins.gif (21658 bytes)

icwfs.gif (27795 bytes)

How to Dial in

There are several ways to dial in to NCKCN with your Mac. Mainly, you have an Open Transport PPP Control panel that will dial the modem to connect. If you try to use your browser or e-mail, the Open Transport PPP will automatically dial in. You can also manually dial in and you have to manually disconnect your call.  To disconnect your PPP connection you must access the PPP control panel from the Apple Menu and click the Disconnect button. You can also connect manually to NCKCN by accessing the PPP control panel from the Apple Menu and clicking on the Connect   button to dial as shown. You can always tell that the PPP is running by the flashing telephone pole in place of the Apple Menu.

msia.gif (4680 bytes)

pppautodial.gif (2106 bytes)

applemenu.gif (12798 bytes)

pppconnect.gif (7465 bytes)

pppdisconnect.gif (7994 bytes)

pppicon.gif (599 bytes)

How to Set your Start Page in Internet Explorer

The first time you run Microsoft Internet Explorer, it will connect you to Microsoft's registration site. You can fill out the information and click away to browse the World Wide Web. It's nice to be able to come back home every once in a while. We suggest setting your "Home" Start page to the NCKCN web site. Here's how.

ieedit.gif (1414 bytes)

Select the "Home/Search" under Web Browser, and type in the Address box as shown. Click OK to continue.

iestartpage.gif (22439 bytes)


You will then be taken to the NCKCN Web site when you click on the "Home" button on your browser.

Using Internet Mail and News

Your e-mail and News software was set up for you in the Internet Connection Wizard. However, you may want to customize some of the settings.

msia.gif (4680 bytes)

inmedit.gif (2621 bytes)

To have Internet Mail automatically check your email set the "Check for mail every ___ minutes" option under the "Send/Receive" section. The best setting to use is 10.

inmcheck.gif (21785 bytes)

On Your Own...

This gives you a start to begin exploring the Internet and your "Community Network". Have fun, and always keep an open mind for learning. There are some on-line guides as well as on-line discusssion webs at . There are also other goodies to be found on the NCKCN installation disc. Feel free to look through these and let us know if we can include other shareware on future CD-ROMS. Please also support any shareware programs or software in accordance with the instructions for that particular software package.

Troubleshooting tips:

If you are having problems connecting:

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