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NCKCN NextGen 4G WiMAX Wireless Internet Access- NCKCN is now offering exciting new 4G wireless Internet access in the Beloit, Belleville and Lincoln areas. Starting with speeds up to 3Mbps download and 1.5Mbps upload, this Next Generation wireless is a huge leap in technology. Utilizing the latest in wireless 4G technology, NextGen is capable of video, gaming, and more. Throughput can be up to 10 times the speed of previous wireless technologies. Click here for our NextGen 4G WiMax Wireless Interest Form and sign up today to take advantage of our Back to School Special and get 1/2 off equipment and free installation!.
Going Mobile or Traveling?- Need to get and send your NCKCN email on your mobile device or traveling? You can sign up for our NCKCN SMTPMobile service. This allows you to send your NCKCN email from anywhere in the world and from any device such as SmartPhones, iPads, iPhones, Androids or even when you are just traveling with your computer. Since you are outside the NCKCN system when you use these devices or are traveling, you cannot use the internal NCKCN system to send email, but NCKCN SMTPMobile service allows you to authenticate on your account and send. Simply fill out the NCKCN SMTPMobile Service request form. Look at our Settings page for details. We also offer Virtual Domain SMTPMobile service for Virtual Domain members so they can enjoy the benefits of sending from anywhere, on any email capable device as their own domain. Simply fill out the Virtual Domain SMTPMobile Service request form. **You must contact NCKCN if you wish to use the Secure SMTP Mobile Service prior to use.

Spam Fighting Tip: NEVER EVER set your own email address, or the entire domain of "" in your Postini filters as an "Approved sender". You are completely defeating the most important way to stop a spammer from sending to your email address. This is the first, and easiest way spammers reach email addresses, sending spam from your email address to your email address. You also want to be very careful with whom you set up as your "Approved Senders", since putting any email address on that list completely defeats, and by-passes, the anti-spam capabilities of your Postini filters from that address. 


Tech Tip: Help Fight SPAM - Participate in keeping the filters accurate by sending your unfiltered spam messages AS ATTACHMENTS in email to . This does not guarantee that these messages will be filtered in the future, but will make it more likely. Remember holidays are especially busy times for spammers, so be extra cautious!

 Postini Login - Your Postini Filtering login which includes the save password. 
Or login locally Postini Filtering. (Without the save password option)
Web MailMan  - Our web-based interface for  email. If you wish to use our old interface, it can be found here.

Our Tech Support is on-line. 1-877-841-6500 (NCKCN Members Only)

Anti-Virus and Spyware information at our local Anti-Virus page.

Social Media Alert Watch Out For Social Media Spam (And Scams)

In the first half of 2013, spam the scourge of the Internet since 1993 grew by 355 percent across the Internet's most popular social networks. This is according to data from Nexgate's State of Social Media Spam Report. It shows that about 1 in 200 social messages contain spam. Facebook and YouTube were the most infected, containing more spam than other social networks by a ratio of 100 to 1. Facebook also has the largest number of phishing attacks schemes in which a victim's password or credit card information is hacked.

Social media spam is growing at high rates due to spammers moving away from email. Why? It's harder to detect spam on social media sites and spammers can potentially reach millions of people with a single ad or post. Spammers have also developed a variety of ways to trick users with appealing visuals beyond the typical spam email.

What should you do? The Better Business Bureau recommends the following:

  • Never reveal overly personal or financial information on a social media site.

  • Avoid following unfamiliar or unknown links or pop-up ads.

  • Make sure to keep up with the latest operating systems, software, web browsers, antivirus protection and apps for the best defense against viruses, malware, and other online threats.

  • Report any possible spam to the appropriate people within the organization, including network administrators. They can be alert for any suspicious or unusual activity.

  • If you believe your financial accounts may be compromised, contact your financial institution immediately and close the account(s). Monitor all accounts for suspicious activity.

In addition, when browsing users' profiles or pages, remember that not everything on these pages may be safe. Despite the circle of trust that social media sites create, cybercriminals are constantly lurking behind virtual corners, just waiting for opportunities to strike..



If you have support or general questions please email us at: If you have any comments or questions about the NCKCN System, you can reach NCKCN by e-mail at: 

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