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Hi! I am Marla Huffman.

This is me and Daddy on our vacation this year (Mom went too!). We went to Charlotte, North Carolina, home of most of the NASCAR teams. I got to fly in a big airplane for the first time - the more turbulance, the better I liked it!!

Daddy is a fan of the Man in Black. But for me, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. is my main man!!

We all have jobs at our house.

I'm in a supervisory position over everyone. Everything is "MINE!!" and if you want anything, the answer is "NO!!!".

I don't know who ran the show before I got here, but they definitely need me to keep things moving. Without me, I think they would all sit down a lot more!!!

Daddy works at the North Central Kansas Technical college. He teaches Auto Collision Technology.

Mommy works with the Community Planning Team in the 12th Judicial District.

In my spare time, I supervised yet another improvement on Great Grandad Hooley's pickup. We lowered it quite a bit this year. I'm almost positive it was so I could get in easier.

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Please write to Marla ~ I love to work in the office when no one is looking. That mouse on the desk would be a lot more fun if I could take him with me. I think his tail is caught on something!!