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Account Settings

Account Settings let you manage your password and alternate email addresses from this service provider.

You will use the exact same password to login to Postini as you use for your NCKCN email account. 

Alternate Addresses
You have the ability to manage multiple addresses within your primary Message Center account. This is useful especially if you have alias addresses to your primary address--keep in mind, alias addresses will not receive the benefit of the services until they are "mapped" to your Message Center. Also, if you have multiple addresses and separate Message Center accounts, you can consolidate those addresses into one Message Center for convenience.

To add an alternate address to your Message Center, you will be asked to submit the address. A confirmation email will be sent to your alternate address to confirm you are the legitimate owner of the address. If so, you will be provided with a link to confirm the addition of the address to your primary account. You may submit as many alternate addresses as you own.