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Junk Email Assistant

The Junk Email Assistant will filter unsolicited commercial email once you activate the service, by selecting ON from the Junk Email configuration page. To improve the effectiveness of your filtering, you should further adjust the settings with the Spam Filters and Sender Lists.

To increase the accuracy of your junk email filters, you should add the email addresses of your friends, family, and work associates to your Approved Senders list. This allows all familiar senders to bypass the filters. Second, you can adjust the Spam Filters to meet the level of protection that suits you best. And for the annoying mailing lists and senders, Blocked Senders list is also available to block all messages from those senders.

You will receive a regular summary of quarantined messages. You should visit the Message Center often to help the service adapt to your needs. There is a possibility that "legitimate" messages may be mistakenly detained in the Message Center. If you "Deliver" the message, you will be given the opportunity to add the sender to your Approved Senders list, increasing the accuracy of your filters by allowing email from that sender through.