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Postini services are a combination of spam and virus filtering for your incoming e-mail. While no system can provide 100% of filtering, this system has successfully removed 70 - 90% of unwanted e-mails in our tests. This service also holds filtered e-mails at a remote site, so you can scan through them in the rare occurrence of blocking an e-mail you would want.

As part of the service, each e-mail account can access their personal web site to customize the level and types of filtering they desire. The ability to always receive e-mail (or always deny e-mail) from specific domains or users is also included. Access to this web site is controlled by your current e-mail account password, so no additional password are required. Also on the web site you can scan quarantined messages and have them delivered to your account. YOU HAVE COMPLETE CONTROL OVER YOUR FILTERS. YOU CAN LET AS MUCH OR AS LITTLE THROUGH. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS LOGIN TO YOUR ACCOUNT WEBSITE.

These additional server services allow NCKCN to further protect our users from Mail Bombings, Dictionary Attacks, Virus outbreaks, etc. These services actively monitor all e-mail traffic and will shut down access from a remote site if they are found to be performing an unwanted act. In addition to the above mentioned activities all incoming e-mails are scanned for virus signatures and quarantined if viruses are found. You will receive notices on blocked viruses or other pertinent information that you might be interested in. You can also shut the notices off. Again, you have total control!

NCKCN has entered into an agreement with Postini to allow customer to subscribe to these service at the current time for free! Although these services are not free to NCKCN, we feel it important to bring these essential tools to all members. To view or change your filters or completely shut them off simply log into your Postini Account Website

If you need your password, please call tech support. You password was printed on your NCKCN Personal Information Sheet also.

Tech Support Line: 877-841-6500, Hours: 8 A.M. to 7 P.M.,  Monday thru Friday (NCKCN Members only)

If you have support or general questions please email us at:
If you have any comments or questions about the NCKCN System, you can reach NCKCN by e-mail at:

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