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Prevent Spam

Is spam reaching your inbox?
The heuristic filters can block up to 95% of spam from reaching your inbox. Unwanted messages can still get through. Follow these steps to maximize your filter effectiveness:

Increase your settings. The more aggressive the filter setting, the fewer spam messages will reach your inbox. Please note that more aggressive the setting, the more often you should visit the Message Center to confirm that legitimate messages are not quarantined. If they are, add those senders or domains to your Approved Sender list.

Review your Approved Mailing List. Do you have other email addresses forwarding to this account? Check to be sure your addresses are NOT on the Approved Mailing List

Forward your spam. Participate in keeping the filters accurate by sending your unfiltered spam messages AS ATTACHMENTS in email to This does not guarantee that these messages will be filtered in the future, but will make it more likely.