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Virus Assistant

Virus scanning is simple - turn virus filtering ON or OFF. It is highly recommended that you leave virus scanning on - it does not impact your email performance and more importantly, the in-line virus protection service can protect you from malicious and potentially harmful viruses.

If a virus is detected, your message will be safely detained in the Message Center and you will be immediately notified via email. The virus infected message is safely viewable without fear of transmitting the virus to your operating system or installed software. You can then deliver it "as is" or remove it entirely.

The virus protection assistant is constantly kept up to date through worldwide virus tracking centers. As malicious viruses break out and mutate, updates to the the virus recognition software with the latest virus definitions are made, allowing us to identify them and render them harmless. Although this service will protect you from virtually all incoming email-borne viruses, it is important to know that this service, and others like it, cannot guarantee that your system will never be infected. The best anti-virus solution is a layered approach that protects SMTP, HTTP, and desktop resources.