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Published: Dec 7th, 2013

Re-Posted: May 12th, 2017

How to request extra email accounts

Additional Emails - All access memberships can request a total of 5 email accounts per household or business absolutely free. All additional email accounts will use the existing "master" account. That is, the account which is set up now as the access is the account all the new email users per household or business will use to connect to NCKCN. No free or email only accounts are eligible. All you need to do to get your extra accounts is fill out the form below, and simply tell us what you want as the username and if you want a specific password or you want us to assign a password. We will email you back the information and a confirmation that the email account is ready to go. If there is a duplicate name already taken, we will inform you of this so you can pick another username. Please be aware that usernames are not case sensitive. Therefore all usernames will be lower case as in "jsmith", not "JSMITH".

PLEASE NOTE: Usernames and Passwords must never be the same or similar enough that they can be guessed at like a username of "jsmith" and a password of "smith". Your password cannot contain your Username in any fashion. They must be completely dissimilar.

NCKCN Additional Email Request Form

Simply fill out the request and click the "Send Request" button. All fields are required except for the password field. The password field is optional. If you wish NCKCN to assign you a password, simply leave the password field blank. For multiple accounts, fill out the form multiple times.

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