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Published: Jan 16th, 2012

Re-Posted: May 15th, 2017

Windows Live Mail Guide

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This guide is written with the assumption that you already know how to operate your computer, and that you already know the basic terms used in this guide to describe operating your computer.

NCKCN does not provide basic computer support as we do not sell copmuters or computer software. You must go through the Help and Online guides on your computer first to learn how to operate your computer. There are also local businesses that provide basic computer support as well as classes from local schools that might provide this basic training.

This guide will take you step-by-step through configuring Windows 7/Vista to connect to your NCKCN POP3 email account with Windows Live Mail. The most important thing to note about setting up Windows Live Mail, is that you DO NOT need to have a Windows Live account, you DO NOT need Messenger or any other part of the Windows Live Essentials, only the Mail component and how to configure it manually. You DO NOT need to sign into any external website, online service or any other access besides using Windows Live Mail to send/receive your NCKCN email. It's very easy to setup, but NCKCN does not support any other component other than manually configuring Mail to connect to your NCKCN POP3 account.

Windows Live Mail Configuration Instructions

Windows Live Installer - Start the Windows Live installer, if you need to install Windows Live Mail (assuming you know how to run and download programs if needed), you can obtain it from Microsoft at:

Windows Live Mail - 1

Figure 1

• Select the program "Mail", only. All other optional programs are not supported by NCKCN and do not need to be installed. You can certainly use them, but this tutorial in no way covers any other options.

• Click the "Install" button.

Windows Live Mail - 2

Figure 2

• You DO NOT need to set a Search, Home Page or Help improve WIndows Live and we highly recommend you uncheck all of those options.

• Simply click the "Continue" button.

Windows Live Mail - 3

Figure 3

• That is all to the install. You DO NOT have to Sign up for any Windows Live ID or "Sign in" to any website in any way. Simply click the "Close" button.

Windows Live Mail - 4

Figure 4

• The add an Email-Account wizard will start and fill in your NCKCN login information like the example below. A very IMPORTANT step is to make sure you check the "Manually configure server settings for e-mail account" option.

• Click the "Next" button.

Windows Live Mail - 5

Figure 5

• Fill in the server settings with "" for the Incoming server. You can leave the Login ID blank if you want. Fill in the server settings with "" for the Outgoing server. You can look at the example below for the exact server settings.

• Click the "Next" button.

Windows Live Mail - 6

Figure 6

• Select the option "Set this account as the default mail account" if you wish to have your NCKCN email as your default if you have multiple accounts.

• Click on the "Next" button.

Windows Live Mail - 7

Figure 7

• We strongly suggest the first thing you do is set your Windows ive Mail to "Show Menu Bar" by selecting the Menu button as shown below. This allows you to customize your Windows Live Mail to act pretty much like MS Outlook Express.

Windows Live Mail - 8

Figure 8

• Under the Tools menu and Accounts, is where you can change the "Leave a copy of messages on server". It is almost never a good idea to leave any email on the server. You should download all email to your computer whenever possible.

Windows Live Mail - 9

Figure 9

• Under the Tools Menu and Options is where you can set most of your settings that affect all accounts and how often Windows Live Mail checks your email. We suggest a setting of between 10-30 minutes.

Windows Live Mail - 10

Figure 10

That's it. You should now be able to send and receive email from NCKCN.

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