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Homeland Schools

Covers all 125 one room schools in Republic County.  This book was put together by the  Republic County Retired Schoolteachers Association. Printed in 1976.    





Homeland Horizons

From the Four Corners of the extreme northeast, to the historic river bridge at Norway, and the revered Ada Lutheran Church in the southwest: from the Talmo area in the southeast, where the first settlers came, to the heights of Pawnee in the northwest, the historical points of interest in Republic County are set out in this book.
Written by the Republic County Bicentennial Historical Committee.     1975-1976






Agenda: A Gift to the Future, Our Heritage 
(only 2 left)

A History of Agenda and the Elk Creek Township,
Republic County, KS. 
Published by Elk Creek Bicentennial Committee






          Homeland Cooking                   Republic County Kitchen Traditions and Recipes

This cookbook contains not only recipes but also
preserves a little of our county's heritage and traditions.
We all have "kitchentraditions" handed down within
a family and memories associated with certain recipes
and foods.  This book records some of these traditions
and passes along some of the memories to future generations.
Republic County Historical Society 1993



Pushing the Frontiers Back

The Way Family, History and Enviornments--Includes
the Early Lewises
Experience the Delaware Forest in Ohio, the Wabash
Valley in Indiana, Holt County in Missouri and the plains
of Republic County, Kansas.
Written by Frank L. Duclos



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