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Research Resources at the RCHS

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If you have sent a request to the Museum for genealogy or any other reseach, please resend it.  Our computer crashed and we no longer have any of that information.  Thank you!

Check us out!

Here at the Republic County Historical Society we have many research resources that may help you on your quest to uncover your past.  

All information on hand will have a tie to Republic County.  If you know of a family member who lived or died in Republic County you may find some information in our facility.

Resources available are:

  • Cemetery Records - Records of all cemeteries in Republic County.  Included in the records are the birth and death dates, location of the cemetery person was buried in.  Also included may be spouse, parents and/or children.  These records may not be complete.  Information was compiled from records and newspaper clippings.
  • Brides and grooms of  Republic County - 1868-1915.
  • Deaths - 1885-1911.
  • Births1861-1915.
  • Civil War DeathsSome cemetery records of Republic County Civil War Veterans - Belleville and Republic County.
  • Yearbooks -  Agenda, Belleville, Courtland, Cuba, Hillcrest, Munden, Republic, Scandia, Pike Valley - our collection is not complete - many years are missing from some of the towns.
  • Schools - Some information on Republic County One-Room Schools, teachers and students.
  • The History of Republic County, Kansas by I.O. Savage, 1886 and 1901 editions
  • The Republic County History by the Republic County Historical Society, 1964.
  • Homeland Schools -  Compiled by the Republic County Retired Teachers Association - takes a look at all the one room schools in Republic County - this book can be ordered from the RCHS Museum by going to the Book Order Form link at the top of the page.
  • Homeland Horizons - Prepared by the Republic County Bicentennial Historical Committee - information on early settlers, homesteads, markers, and towns in Republic County - this book can be ordered from the RCHS Museum by going to the Book Order From link at the top of the page.
  • Family Genealogies - we house many family compiled genealogies.
  • Obituaries - Most people buried in Republic County Cemeteries from 1975 - to the present.  This is not a complete collection.
  • Various Files - Folders containing information and/ or certificates on various people in Republic County, churches of the County, towns and some businesses.
  • Photographs - Many photographs of businesses, people, activities, railroads, disasters along with too many to list.  We also have lots of unidentified photos that we are more then willing to let volunteers look through to see if they recognize anyone.

If you have photographs, programs from school, church, clubs or other activities, family histories, yearbook's that you don't want to throw out but don't know what to do with them we will gladly place them into our collection.  This will not only help you cut down on your clutter but help those who are doing research.  Just drop us a line or call us.


Make us your first stop in Republic County. 

You never know what you may find!

Republic County Historical Society    615 28th Street    Belleville, Kansas 66935   785~527~5971