SMTP Mobile Service

NCKCN's SMTP Mobile Service

Are you constantly on the move with your mobile device(s) and wish you could send messages with your NCKCN or Virtual Domain's email account from any wifi access point? If so, sign up for NCKCN's SMTP Mobile Service - It's 100% FREE...

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Pre-Authorized Payment Option

NCKCN Pre-Authorized Payment

Would you like to pay your NCKCN bill conveniently? NCKCN offers automatic withdraw for your monthly/yearly services...

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NCKCN's Webmail Portal

Use the webmail interface if you want to check, send or delete your email via your browser instead of using an email client program. You can also use the webmail interface to set up any forwards, redirects or auto-responses...

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Email at your

VD SMTP Mobile Service



email accounts

Virtual Domain members & non-members

( username@domain-name.tld )

Feel safe knowing that NCKCN does not perform any

type of data-mining techniques and never will

on your domain's email accounts like other

email service providers do

. : : NCKCN Hosted Email : : .

Fast • Modern • Flexible

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Virtual Domain SMTP Mobile
Email Request Form

**Please provide your NCKCN hosted Virtual Domain name above. Note that the ".tld" is not an actual extension, instead it stands for: Top Level Domain and represents actual domain extensions (such as a: ".com", ".net", ".org", etc.).

**Please provide your Virtual Domain email address of which you would like your domain's SMTP Mobile service activated for above. NCKCN will send out a confirmation email to the email address you specify here once your domain's SMTP Mobile service for this email address has been activated.



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