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Product Description

Axigen Webmail

Axigen Webmail

Axigen is a mail server with groupware and collaboration functionalities. It supports SMTP, IMAP, POP3 and webmail services, and includes features such as an integrated mailing list server, Antivirus and Antispam integration options, and various mobile capabilities including mobile-friendly webmail, Exchange ActiveSync and BlackBerry support.

Capabilities / Features

HTML5 Webmail Interface

Standard Webmail Interface

Mobile Webmail Interface

Personal Organizer

Address Book

Rules and Filters

Multiple Languages & Skins

Out-of-the-Office Messages

Account Aliases

Individual Blacklists

Personalized Signatures

Overquota Notifications

Packages / Pricing

Existing Members


If you are an existing member that has either NCKCN Internet Service or Cunningham Telephone & Cable Service, you automatically receive 5 free POP3 email accounts. All you need to do to activate them is to fill out a form by clicking the "Activate My Email" button below!

For those interested in becoming an existing member to receive 5 free POP3 email accounts, please visit NCKCN's Internet Service page by clicking the "Internet Service" button below.

Extra Email Accounts


If you are an existing customer and would like more than the 5 free email accounts issued to you on sign up, NCKCN provides a total of 5 extra email accounts for $5/mo.

These accounts come in a block of 5. (Example: If you need 6 email accounts total, your new balance will be $5/mo., in addition to your current bill, for a total of 10 email accounts leaving you with 4 extra accounts to activate at a later date if you wish to use them.)